Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just a couple more scenes

Juat a couple more of the scenes from this week. Sutter and Stampscapes used on these two scenes. Copics to color and airbrush them.

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Karen...these are absolutely incredible!!!! something else we have in common...if you look on Cinema Sat. Challenge under my name you will see what I mean. You are THE MOST GENEROUS person I know. I am SO serious about this! I will write you an email. These scenes are incredible!!!! The one below is equally incredible!!! I can see why you and your friend had so much fun! It is delightful to do stamping with friends. Stampscapes have the best stamps...never tried sutter or beeswax. I love the womyn in the scenes and your dimensions are amazing! Wow...I am SO impressed....Such an artist...G-d's talents reign on you my dear!!! LOVING GOD, Samara

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