Saturday, May 8, 2010

A week of reflection

This has been a difficult week and a week of reflection on what's important in life. This beautiful young women died this week after lying in a coma for the past 13+ years. She was only 34 but had celebrated her 21st birthday a little too much and a tragic accident occured on her way home that night. My heart goes out to her parents and what they have gone through over these past years. I have 25 and 26 year old sons and as frustrated as I can get sometimes when they don't take care of things on "my time schedule" LOL I had to stop and think how lucky I am to have them alive, and healthy. My Mother's day present from them was having them here on Thursday and they did all kinds of wonderful things for me, like cleaning out the garage and lifting and carrying lots of heavy things up and down the steps etc for me. It was a wonderful day and of course it meant lots of free food and leftovers for them to take home and have for the next couple of weeks. It was a time to count my blessings and try to remember what's important in the whole scheme of things. Happy Mother's day to all of you!!


Linda Grady said...

Happy Mother's Day, Karen; nice your sons came over and spent the day with you. The tragic ending of the woman's life makes me reflect, too, on what is important in life. Thanks for remind me.

Pat Moore said...

A horrible tragedy makes one reflect. She would be pleased that she was able to help others appreciate what they have.

patricia smith said...

That was so well said, Karen. We all need to be more aware of our blessings. I have 2 wonderful daughters, a wonderful son & a step son that always calls to tell me he loves me on all occasions, in spite of the fact his Dad & I divorced 20 years ago.

Many times we fail to think of the positive things in our lives, and look too much on what we feel we lack.

Thank you again for your thoughtful post.
Hugs, Pat Smith