Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stylish blogger award

Wow Samara thank you so much for the honor.  Eight things about myself huh?
Well after years of moving all over I'm settled or stuck in a small town in the midwest, which really is NOT my style, I miss the Denver area every day.  I think I thrive on comotion and always having things to do.
We have 2 grown boys, they always give me joy and headaches as well, LOL
I am an animal lover but not so much in the house anymore. I still have two cats inside and feed quite a few outside.  I love little cuddly dogs but am gone too much to have one now.
I fell in love with Me and Carrie Lou stamps years ago and still love them  but the group disolved and I have gone on to other companies now. I love pretty and elegant cards, don't care much for cutesy stuff at all.
I usually will chose soft colors for my cards, once in a while I wil break out the bold stuff but more often the pastels etc. 
I'm indpendent to a fault but that comes from years of living on my own and raising the kids on my own when hubby was gone in the military and now a contractor overseas.  He will tell you it's jsut easier to let me make the decisions and not argue, LOL
I've had many jobs over the years, hairdresser, secretary at different places and the last employment I had was with the Chamber of Commerce and I loved it.  I miss the people and tourists coming in all the time, it's always so much fun to meet new friends.  Thanks Samara this was fun!!! I will pass on the award!!

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samara Rachel Navi said...

Wow Karen...I loved reading these things about you! I didn't know you were a hairdresser and the pets, awww I wish you could put a dog in your pocket when you are out and about (but are THEY really dogs?) oops, hope you didn't have a chi-hoo-a-wa-wa! Actually I want a mini terrior! The pastels...RIGHT! Now I get's true. I think that is why I love your cards so much - they are soft, and girli and like the clouds - romantic! Independent..hmmm. Yup! I knew this. Yes, this is a great Award! I loved reading this about you. Can't wait to see who you pick, and it goes on and on. Your card today is SO sensitive! The saying is beautiful...I've not seen that before. And the card co. you started with...not heard of them either. How great to say where you began, and I laughed at the part of what your husband says! Thanks so much for writing and sharing! Samara