Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anniversary cards

I needed a cople of anniversary cards last night so when my stamping group was here I used Bonnie's blog as my inspiration. She has a tutorial on her blog and I didn't get as fancy as hers but I like the way they came out. I used cuttlebug, Martha Stewart punch for the small heart and border and Nestabilities for the larger one. Peel off butterflies from K&C0.


samara Rachel Navi said...

WOW!!! who would not appreciate an anniversary card like this! The double hearts are SO romantic! I LOVE again, the trim you used...in both colors, there is a different feel...but each is so telling of the love you put into them for the love the couple will be celebrating!

Shirley-anne said...

both of these cards are inspiring . Just have to try them .

Selma said...

What beautiful cards. These would be cards to cherish.